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Artemide - Aggregato Saliscendi 38 Cono Opalino

Ceiling rose in thermoplastic resin and metal, painted; counterweight in thermoplastic transparent resin; sphere-shaped diffuser in methacrylate. With fall counterweight. Code structure: A033100 Code cone-shaped diffuser: A089700


Artemide - CALIPSO

The unique honeycomb grill of Calipso was generated by feeding a photo of the moon into an image-based algorithm found on a seemingly extinct computer. The resulting fractal shape, an impure geometry that displays the irregular beauty of nature, is built from an organic honeycomb of different diameter tubes, seemingly arranged in a random geometry.


Artemide - Castore Suspension

The spherical diffuser design is enhanced by a removable-fitting and tapering luminous stem, that makes the transition from the strong diffuser light to the blind lamp structure area gentle. Base in zamac, stem in thermoplastic resin, blown glass diffuser.



The spherical diffuser design is enhanced by a removable-fitting and tapering luminous stem, that makes the transition from the strong diffuser light to the blind lamp structure area gentle. Base in zamac, stem in thermoplastic resin, blown glass diffuser.


Artemide - Copernico 500

Designed: 2013 Copernico 500 LED Suspension Light White Origin: Italy Suspension lamp, an extension of the range of theCopernico series. Copernico is obtained from a single laser-cut sheet of anodised aluminium; when off the device appears completely flat. The modest volume and weight significantly reduce energy use during the transportation and storage phase. The articulation with copper contacts (patent pending) allows the power supply to pass between the concentric ellipses that make up the structure, and enables these to be rotated independently over 360ø.


Artemide - Cosmic Leaf Mini Lamp LED

Collection Cosmic of Artemide.Sub-family Leaf of collection Cosmic. Structure in chromed metal; body lamp-diffuser in transparent methacrylate textured, bright painted metal body Cosmic Leaf Recess 


Artemide - Demetra Table Base

 Artemide Lamps are considered on an international level as Design Icons of contemporary design; they are exhibited in most museums of modern art and design collections. Artemide have always collaborated with the most famous international designers and actively promote workshops with design schools in order to find the best young talents.


Artemide - Demetra Table Titan Led

A selection of table lamps (with table base, clamp and fixed support), also available in the reading, wall and spot versions.Materials: head and arms in painted aluminium.Specification: fully adjustable, turnable and tilting arms and diffuser, plus the LED sources integrated into its head.Demetra MD: this table model features a Motion Detector option detecting moving objects and people and turning the light on or off accordingly.


Artemide - EGLE Table LED

Egle, the stylish desk lamp from Artemide. It's LED technology alongside its modern polished finishes mark it as a perfect accompaniment to any modern living/work space. Available in mirror, polished black, polished white. All come with touchable dimmer.


Artemide - Empatia 26 Table

Empatia is inspired by the association between the great glass-blowing tradition and the LED technology of Artemide. High interest in the expression potentials of this material resulted into co-operation with master glass blowers to gain full control of the special suppleness of Venetian glass and to work on the balance between surface and light, between subtle densities and transparencies. Hence clear, pure craft objects, each of them unique in all respects. Transparency and opacity are wisely dosed to obtain a glass that reflects light without glaring and without losing efficiency. Hence optical device, whose heart is a highperformance LED-based light engine created separately from the glass emission body in favor of higher thermal efficiency and performance. Light is controlled with maximum yield and driven towards the glass diffuser through a transparent pipe with a very low absorption coefficient.


Artemide - Float Linear Ceiling

Ceiling loudspeaker made of aluminium with opal methacrylate diffuser. Available in two models and powers: without controller, with regulator, 39W and 54W. Prepared for fluorescent bulb linear G5 39W or 54W.


Artemide - Groupage 20 LED

Ceiling lamp“An appliance based on a very simple mechanical approach, ensuring excellent light emission. Groupage units can be connected together to draw light on the ceiling.” Ernesto GismondiCeiling lamp available as a standalone element or in multiple modular units. A single power source allows to feed multiple elements via mains connection, ensuring a broad variety of installation options. Available in two sizes and colours. The highly reflecting white painted steel reflector produces a comfortable ambient light.


Artemide - Melampo Table

Melampo table lamp by Adrien Gardere for Artemide.

Base in painted zamac, painted aluminium stem and a shade in silk satin fabric on a plastic frame. The adjustable shade can be set in three different positions.

Available with structure and shade in aluminium grey.


Artemide - Melampo Terra Aluminium

Floor standing luminaire with adjustable diffuser for direct or indirect diffused lighting.

Base in painted zamac; painted aluminium stem; diffuser in silk satin fabric on a plastic frame. Available in two colourways; structure and diffuser in aluminium grey, or structure in bronze / diffuser in neutral.

Diffuser adjustable into three different positions.


Artemide - Mercury Mini Suspension LED

Range extension of Mercury series, in smaller dimension. "A ceiling fixture that places a floating assembly of large pebbles below a simple modern disc. These in turn reflect each other bouncing light between their taught bio - morphic surfaces and reflecting the environment around them. During the day the piece acts as a sculptural object reflecting the dynamics of natural light and the movement of people around them." Materials: structure in brushed stainless steel and painted aluminum. Light fixtures in chromed aluminium. Hanging in chromed plastic.



Microsurf is an almost imperceptible minimalist sign that fits into any context architectural.Materials: varnished galvanized aluminum.

Artemide - NOTO

Suspension lamp. The dragon, a symbol of eternity and power in the Chinese tradition, is transformed
from paper into glass and light. Six movable cylinders form a lamp with great impact and a strong
personality. Steel structure; opal blown glass diffuser


Artemide - Pirce Mini Suspension LED

Suspension lamp in painted aluminium, extension of the existing Pirce range. Opening out of a slim disk are fluttering spirals, which fall gently downwards, creating magical effects of form and light.


Artemide - Rea 17 LED

Rea is like a little reflection of herself. Or "maybe the Star Trek Business, if the designers today are still allowed to remember their childhood dreams. Neil Poulton, designer of Rea applies it. A soft and clear gesture characterizes this wall lamp, available in two sizes (120 and 170mm). Two equivalent and perpendicular discs, one filled besides the support function of the wall light and the other housing the LED source, which emits indirect diffuse light with a 90% efficiency

Artemide - Reall Wall Lamp

A single latest-generation LED light source of just 40W guarantees the same illuminance values that are obtainable with a 400W halogen. Visual lightness and thermodynamics are the main characteristics of the project: the head, made of die-cast aluminium, is appropriately shaped and perforated to form a permeable visual interface for the space where it is placed and facilitates heat exchange, guaranteeeing optimum dissipation of the heat produced by the light source


Artemide - Space Cloud Suspension LED

Suspension lamp “SPACE CLOUD” is a highly modular suspension lighting system with a great potential for creating large density installations. It can be configured in vertical or horizontal layers as light capturing surfaces that allow light to both reflect and be absorbed through each sheets spatially designed hexagonal hole matrix. Its lightweight and made from 100% alumium that has been anodized so that the colour/surface treatment is an integral part of its physicality as in Space technology. Its concept has been inspired by NASA’s photos from space of the Earth and the incredible quality of light one perceives as the colour of the Earth itself influences with warmth and crystal clarity of the suns rays.



It's simple but elegant shape characterises the Talo Patete LED wall light by Artemide. The rounded edges of the elongated shade create the pleasant look of the light designed by Neil Poulton. This quiet look is rounded of by the subtle colours. Thus, the light can fit into a variety of environments and is a stylish light for private as well as public rooms. 

In addition, the light creates a pleasant lighting atmosphere.The shine is directed both under and over the shade, creating a pleasing diffused lighting. 

The light is available in different colour variants.


Artemide - Tolomeo Basculante

Base and cantilevered arms in polished aluminium; diffuser in silk satin fabric on a plastic frame; joints in polished aluminium. System of spring balancing. The code refers to the luminaire’s body only


Artemide - Tolomeo Micro Table

Designed by Michele De Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina for Artemide, The Tolomeo Micro table light is part of the award winning Tolomeo collection. Tolomeo Micro is the smallest of the Tolomeo table light versions. Available in Aluminium, Black, Polished Aluminium, Blue, Bronze, Green, Grey, Orange, Red, Turquoise, Yellow and Special Edition Gold. The spring balancing systems allows Tolomeo Micro to be easily adjusted to any required position. Perfect for the living room, bedroom, home study or office.


Artemide - Tolomeo Parete diffusore - Parchment Paper

Tolomeo parete diffusore by Artemide is a wall lamp from the world-famous Tolomeo series. The head of the wall lamp by Artemide can be easily tilted by up to 30 degrees. In this way they change in a very simple way the lighting effect and the focus of the Tolomeo parete diffusore. The noble parchment shade and the lamp arm Tolomeo parete diffusore are available in three different sizes. 


Artemide - Tolomeo Sospensione D24

The Tolomeo sospensione decentrata is a special ceiling lamp by the Italian lighting wrought Artemide. The special gimmick in this light are its two joints. They make it possible that the lamp is flexible and not static hovering below the ceiling outlet. This controllability and flexible usability is an absolute rarity in ceiling lights. The symbiosis of the sleek aluminum frame and fashionable shade looks elegant and aesthetic. The shields of the Tolomeo sospensione decentrata by Artemide we offer them in three sizes and different color variations.


Artemide - Yanzi Table LED

The activity of Neri&Hu is founded on constant research and the desire to work on the dynamic interaction of experience, detail, material, shape, and light, rather than adapt to stereotyped formulas. In a blend of tradition and innovation, Yanzi is a lightweight composition of graphic signs. Balanced structures, such as branches or perches, support multiple stylized figures to provide a variety of versions and qualities of light. They are iconic swallows with a brushed brass body, with their head like a white glass sphere enclosing light, either flying free or contained in glass cages. There is unique sensibility in matching warm and cold, essential yet refined materials. Yanzi is an open system, ideal for creating lightweight compositions and light landscapes that animate any space with an elegant poetic attitude.