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diesel lighting

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Diesel lighting - DUII

Table lamp with direct and adjustable light. The head of the adjustable diffuser is made of powder-coated die cast aluminium. The moulded poly-prismatic glass is sand-blasted on the inside and polished on the outside, with a vintage finish like the headlight of an old car. The adjustable arm is made of powder-coated steel with functional and decorative black galvanised butterfly screws; the moulded zamak base is powder-coated and also acts as a trinket tray. A polished metal plate with the Diesel logo and the motto “ hard labor always pays” silk-screen printed on it is placed on the back of the base; the switch and visible electrical cable are both black.


Diesel lighting - FORK

Table lamp with diffused and direct light. The outline of the matt satin finish polycarbonate diffuser is covered with pure linen fabric, with a purposely uneven weft and warp of the fabric achieved by hand. The fabric is stained and undergoes anti-fray treatment; it is then cut into pieces and tailored by hand using a sewing machine with visible seams. The brass eyelets are galvanised in gun barrel colour. A special locking and sliding system positions the diffuser along the rod; a hand-welded painted steel fork houses the linear halogen light bulb, allowing the diffuser to turn freely through 360° along its axis. The rod and base are made of powder-coated steel, while the joints on the rod are painted black for the ivory version and brown for the brown version. These joints make it possible to bend the rod in two places, at the base and in the middle, allowing users to shape the lamp to their liking. Silk-screen printed matt Diesel logo at the base of the rod, the electrical cable and dimmer are transparent


Diesel lighting - MYSTERIO WALL

Ceiling lamp with diffused light; in the white / copper version, the injection moulded polycarbonate lampshade is batch-dyed white and the interior undergoes a copper coloured “vacuum metallising” treatment, a technique that renders the material polished and reflective like metal. In the black / silver version, batch-dyed black and the interior undergoes a silver coloured “vacuum metallising” treatment and it is finished by hand through the sponge application of paint to age the surface. A hand-blown glass bubble with glossy finish screens the halogen light bulb. Galvanised metal ceiling plate and powder-coated metal cover in black or white depending on the colour of the lampshade.


Diesel lighting - SMASH

Suspension lamps with direct down light. Diffuser in aluminium slab turned in a mould; subsequently a second turning process is performed in a mould to achieve the bending of the lower rim, followed by a third bending process to achieve the characteristic oval shape. The brown version is painted on the exterior in two steps: the first coat of coloured paint is applied, followed by a second coat with a black "drop" effect to create a rough and textured finish on the aluminium. The grey version is powder coated on the exterior; for both versions the interior is liquid coated in white. Black load-bearing electrical cable, canopy with galvanised metal bracket and matt black batch-dyed ABS cover.