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Foscarini - APLOMB

Making up an integral part of the architecture, but with its own personality in the overall design, the Aplomb wall lamp is made with a special concrete that releases a dual lighting effect, upwards and downwards


Foscarini - APLOMB LARGE

A special, exclusively formulated concrete plays the starring role in the Aplomb lamps. The especially large and slimline design of the Aplomb Large suspension lamp diffuses broad beam of light


Foscarini - APLOMB PDT

A special, exclusively formulated concrete plays the starring role in the Aplomb lamps, a model that combines sophistication with texture to cast a concentrated beam of light downwards.


Foscarini - BIRDIE

A reinterpretation of the classic lampshade-lamp with a contemporary twist, the Birdie table lamp diffuses direct light downwards and suffused light into its surroundings. The touch-dimmer on/off mechanism is designed like a branch ready for a bird to roost, hence the name.


Foscarini - CABOCHE

The Caboche lamps transform light into a sparkling composition of transparent spheres: a design gem resulting from an amalgam of technology and creativity.


Foscarini - FLIP2

Flip Wall Light features a dynamic frame which provides a warm luminosity. Available in LED or halogen lamping options. LED version consists of polycarbonate and aluminum with a white finish. Halogen version composed of polycarbonate and white lacquered metal. LED version supplied with 16 watt, dimmable LED light source. 3000K. Halogen version requires (1) 100 watt, 120 volt, T3 Short RSC bulb sold separately. 11W x 12.13H x 5.13D.


Foscarini - HEAVY METAL

Floor lamp with direct and indirect light. Steel base and diffuser, which undergo several acid-etching processes and are subsequently coated with transparent liquid paint. The turning is achieved with artisanal mechanical machining; the irregular welds are hand-made forming an integral part of
the decoration. The three rods, which support the diffuser facing down, the same as the one used in the table lamp. These are interrupted by two round plates, which act as supports. A fixed one at the bottom, which also acts as a ballast base, and the other removable and silk-screen printed on one side with the historic Mohican logo “Diesel only the brave”. The plate shielding the light source from the bottom is made of sand-blasted, tempered and silk-screen printed yellow glass; electrical cable and dimmer both black.


Foscarini - LAKE

Lake is a wall lamp with a fluid and surprising light, which comes to life inside the fold located along the external edge and runs inwards, on its glossy, asymmetrical surface. An organic shape, packed with colour, to give motion and create original light games on the wall.


Foscarini - LUMIERE

A contemporary restyling of the classic bedside lamp, the Lumiere table lamp has become an icon of design, and it is distinguished by the blown glass diffuser combined with an unmistakable aluminium tripod


Foscarini - MAGNETO

A table lamp with an elemental and bold look. The invisible force of a magnet joins the supporting rod to the illuminating body, allowing you to direct the light cast by Magneto at leisure, just like a torch.


Foscarini - NUAGE

The Nuage lamp is an unprecedented overlapping of graphic and luminous silhouettes, with an effect that recalls Optical Art and a changing perception depending on the observer’s position


Foscarini - PLASS

Plass takes the charm of traditional Venetian glass pearls to a larger scale, also drawing its inspiration there for both shape and colours. A suspension lamp with a singular surface, purposely “imperfect” vibrates with light from the inside.


Foscarini - ROCK floor

Floor lamp with direct and adjustable light, hemispherical diffuser in mixed ABS and injection moulded polycarbonate. The outer cover is lacquered with matt "textured" paint, which not only colours but also makes the surface rough, while the paint on the interior is glossy and iridescent, white with greenish reflections for the black and white version, and golden for the gold version. The conical joint supporting the diffuser is made of nylon with a fibreglass core and coated with liquid paint. Powder coated steel rod and hexagon-shaped base with the Diesel logo in relief in matt powder coated cast iron. Foot switch and cable both black for the black and gold version, both white for the white version


Foscarini - UTO

Playful, soft and transformist, Uto is a highly unusual suspension lamp. It can be used both indoors and out, plying it according to changing requirements and personal inspiration