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Rotaliana - FURIN

The tubular aluminum elements of this lamp are inspired by the shape of the Japanese wind chime. The cloth-lined pendants conceal a LED source inside. Furin is a dynamic lighting system that defines and interprets living space


Rotaliana - MULTIBOOK

MultiBook is the reinterpretation of a book shape in a multifunctional product. Being both a lamp and an alarm clock, MultiBook is an inseparable companion; whether placed on a book shelf or next to the bed it can host all the electronic objects that surround us. The pages diffuse the light of 74 LEDs. Inside the book are a multi-socket and enough space to hold all necessary wires. The digital numbers of the alarm clock and date appear on the side of the book. The label on the jacket can be personalised with photograph, a dedication. The inspiration for the decoration was taken from the miniature "illuminated books" of the Middle Ages.


Rotaliana - MULTIPOT

Its shape is that of an archetypical vase, its function is varied: a tray for holding objects, a hidden charging hub and a RGB LED lamp with dynamic touch-sensitive control. It received a Recommendation at the 21st edition of Compasso d'Oro ADI in 2008.


Rotaliana - PRINCE F1

This simple and elegant indirect-light floor lamp rises from a circular base with a thin stem on top of which an aluminum die-cast crown is attached that conceals a high performance LED source.


Rotaliana - STRING H0

This light features an aluminium structure, an adjustable head with central hole, a touch dimmer and a LED light source: the light emitted is 100% flicker-free and adaptable within a wide range of colours. The movement of the two aluminium arms is offset by an elastic coloured fabric.