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foscarini - HEAVY METAL


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Color: black

Floor lamp with direct and indirect light. Steel base and diffuser, which undergo several acid-etching processes and are subsequently coated with transparent liquid paint. The turning is achieved with artisanal mechanical machining; the irregular welds are hand-made forming an integral part of
the decoration. The three rods, which support the diffuser facing down, the same as the one used in the table lamp. These are interrupted by two round plates, which act as supports. A fixed one at the bottom, which also acts as a ballast base, and the other removable and silk-screen printed on one side with the historic Mohican logo “Diesel only the brave”. The plate shielding the light source from the bottom is made of sand-blasted, tempered and silk-screen printed yellow glass; electrical cable and dimmer both black.



Area of ApplicationHome-Office
Lamp TypeFloor lights
Light Directionup
AvailabilityIn Stock (1 week delivery)
PDF Datasheet HEAVY.pdf