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luceplan - LIGHT DISC


Upon Order(6-8 weeks delivery) SKU: LIGHT DISC
Color: Transparent glass

A luminous disk of polycarbonate, a brilliant design. A basic form, the circle, creates seductive lighting effects with a seamless series of reflections refractions, producing soft, enveloping fluorescent light. For the wall or ceiling, or in the suspension version, Lightdisc offers a simple response to any type of functional complexity. Slim and essential, Lightdisc is composed of two injectionmolded polycarbonate shells. Its thickness reduced to a minimum and its understated design make it an ideal choice for any context.



DesingerPaolo Rizzatto
Area of ApplicationHome-Office
Lamp TypeSurface mounted
Light Directionfront-emitting
AvailabilityUpon Order(6-8 weeks delivery)
PDF Datasheet 1D41PI220000.pdf