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diesel lighting - METAL GLASS 2


Upon Order(6-8 weeks delivery) SKU: METAL GLASS 2

Suspended lamp with diffused light. Diffuser made of hand-blown triple-layer glass, the glass is rendered almost matt by the presence of countless air bubbles inside it vetro pulegosoā€¯, The irregular air bubbles are achieved by pouring a substance that triggers this reaction into the molten paste. In the green version, the glass undergoes a colouring process with external painting. A borosilicate glass cylinder acts as a diffuser for the light cast by the light bulb and becomes the decorative element in the volume of the diffuser glass. The steel mount undergoes several acid-etching processes and is subsequently coated with liquid paint; comes with a satin finish metal plate with the Diesel logo. Stainless steel suspension cable and transparent electrical cable, ceiling flange with galvanised metal bracket and matt black batch-dyed ABS cover. Electric decentralisation kit available, as well as multiple ceiling flanges for compositions of up to 6 suspensions.


diesel lighting

Area of ApplicationHome-Office
Lamp TypeSuspended
Light Directionfront-emitting
AvailabilityUpon Order(6-8 weeks delivery)
PDF Datasheet metal-glass.pdf