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studio italia - Rain SO


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The rain is inspired by the spring rain that falls silent and light and captures a moment in time to bring the majesty of the event inside your space in its simplicity. The chrome diffuser is tapered off to the top into a slender stem available in the following finishes: matte white, matte black, coppery bronze, brushed chrome, gold and rose gold. At the base of each shade is the rounded, glass diffuser that conceals the led light source. When illuminated this decorative pendant light casts direct downward light. The modularity of the rain offers a multitude of standard as well as custom compositions.


studio italia

DesingerStudio Italia Design
Area of ApplicationHome-Office
Lamp TypeSuspended
Light Directiondown
Dimension40 mm
AvailabilityIn Stock, In Stock (1 week delivery)
notesIncluding canopy
PDF Datasheet RAin.pdf