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artemide - Space Cloud Suspension LED


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Color: white

Suspension lamp “SPACE CLOUD” is a highly modular suspension lighting system with a great potential for creating large density installations. It can be configured in vertical or horizontal layers as light capturing surfaces that allow light to both reflect and be absorbed through each sheets spatially designed hexagonal hole matrix. Its lightweight and made from 100% alumium that has been anodized so that the colour/surface treatment is an integral part of its physicality as in Space technology. Its concept has been inspired by NASA’s photos from space of the Earth and the incredible quality of light one perceives as the colour of the Earth itself influences with warmth and crystal clarity of the suns rays.



DesingerRoss Lovegrove
Area of ApplicationHome-Office
Lamp TypeSuspended
AvailabilityIn Stock (1 week delivery)
PDF Datasheet space-cloud.pdf